We Are House Buyers

A small family business in Jacksonville Florida focused on making a difference
in our communities and the lives of others through real estate solutions


"We were able to sell our rental property with Synergy Redevelopers LLC when a handful of other companies weren't able to work with us. Thanks to Jesse for his professionalism and awesome client services. Jesse reassured me when I had doubts and explained the terms and process where I can understand completely." - PJ Punoz, St. Augustine, FL

PJ Punoz review

Our Team

Joan Wyatt
Co-owner & Director

Hi I am Joan, I am part owner and director of Synergy Buys Houses sales. My main duty is to analyze each property and connect that opportunity with the best
investment strategy. I am currently in the process of becoming a Florida licensed realtor so Synergy can be a complete in house real estate firm so we can assist
more clients with ease.

Ed B.
Intake Client Manager

Hi I am Ed, I am Synergy Buys Houses intake client manager. If you reached out to Synergy to sell your home, you most likely spoke to me. I pride myself with my ability to connect with clients in a personal way which comes with ease since I have a career background in customer service for the past 13 years. I look forward to serving you to find the best outcome with your home.

Jenalyn S.
Administrative Assistant

Hi I am Jenalyn! I am Synergy Buys Houses Administrative Assistant. I handle the daily duties where I organize, research and keep all property data for all clients in one place for Jesse to access. I work behind the scenes to make sure we stay organized and ready to assist every client for a speedy process.