The Benefits Of Selling To A Jacksonville Investor Vs. A National iBuyer

Selling a house to a cash buyer, there are major benefits to selling your home to a local investor in Jacksonville, as opposed to one of the well-known national iBuyers.

Selling your home can be stressful and researching all the options is overwhelming.
Investors are an attractive option because they will often buy your home as-is, and have the means to offer cash. However, some of these investment offers can be too good to be true.

There are many reasons that selling your Jacksonville home to a local investor like Synergy Home Buyers is better than selling to an iBuyer.

Selling a House to a Cash Buyer In Jacksonville


Selling a house to a cash buyer


Their Offer Looks Good But Changes

The offer you get from a large nationwide buyer might look great at first glance. It may even be higher than the offer you receive from a local investor. However, with trusted local investors like Synergy Home Buyers you will get the best and highest offer right away. The number you see is the actual offer.

Many times, the offers that iBuyers give look high, but then after they do an inspection on the property they deduct for things like repairs and maintenance. Synergy Home Buyers will consider these things before you even see an offer. The cash offer you see is the cash you will get.

The last thing you want while dealing with the stress of selling your home is the uncertainty that the iBuyer might reduce the cash offer.


Hidden Fees

One of the major drawbacks of large iBuyers is the high (and sometimes hidden) fees. The fees can often range from 6% to 12% of the offer price. The bottom line is, you likely won’t get the amount you originally saw on the offer.

When you sell your Jacksonville home to Synergy Home Buyers, there are no fees. We will cover any closing costs and other fees associated with the sale. The amount you see on the original offer is the amount you will get in cash on your closing day.


Impersonal Services

Working with a national iBuyer means you lose the human element. Every time you call you might be transferred to someone else in a large call center. If you have a dedicated sales representative, you are probably one of hundreds of clients they are working with.

When it comes to your sale, they probably have a strict checklist and cannot make any changes or exceptions based on your specific circumstances. In most cases, their employees don’t get commissions, so they have no incentive to make sure you get great service.

At a local company like Synergy Home Buyers, you will get personalized service, often directly from the owner of the company. For example, when one of my clients calls me, they talk to me. There is no call center. There aren’t hundreds of employees handling transactions. I know every house inside and out, and can make offers based on a seller’s property and not a generic sales form.

So, the best bet for a stress-free sale is to have someone you can rely on – someone who will know your name, your kid’s names, and truly cares about the sale of your home.


Local Investors Know The Market

Who better to trust your home with than someone right here in Jacksonville. Using an iBuyer you might work with someone on the other side of the country who has no idea what is going on in the local market.

Coming to a local investor like Synergy Home Buyers you will get personalized local services, a true cash offer that won’t change, and no fees. What more can you ask for?

We can give you an all-cash offer within minutes. So, if you want to sell your Jacksonville home, reach out to us today to get an all-cash offer for your home within minutes.