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    We are local residential re-developers in St. Johns county; what that means is we work with families that need to sell their property for whatever reason. Whether they are relocating for work, unable to afford the monthly mortgage payments, inherited it from a loved one, or financially unable to keep up with the maintenance, and so on. Once we purchase the property, if it needs any maintenance or updating, we have a great team of contractors who renovate it and bring it back to its former glory. Then we work with new families to get them into the home of their dreams, or keep the property as a rental. Our goal in working with you is to help you sell your property as fast as possible and for as much money as possible …if that is what you’d like to do. Does this sound good?” Great, I have a few questions that I need answered to see if this will be a good fit for you and I. It will only take a few minutes.
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